We are deeply saddened by Robin Williams’ passing and join the world in mourning him.
When the people who help us fight off dementors fall victim to their effects, hope and happiness can seem almost unattainable. We are all so indebted to the entertainers of the world that it seems only logical that the universe should give at least a fraction of their brightness back to them. Instead, they too often face darkness so deep that remembering to turn on the light isn’t always an option.
Robin Williams’ work as a comedian, actor, and philanthropist reached millions. Whether it was as Genie, John Keating, Peter Pan, Theodore Roosevelt, or just as Robin, he brought the world a unique and invaluable happiness. It was he who said that “comedy is acting out optimism.” Though the world knew him for that optimism, behind the scenes he was battling his own dementors.
These moments of shock give us the chance to move forward with open minds and open hearts. For so many, seeking help is an insurmountable task. Having people listen and understand can be the strongest patronus there is.
As we navigate this difficult news, we can work to make the truth stronger by speaking more honestly and listening more openly. We can honor Robin Williams by driving out not just our own dementors, but each others’.
The weapon we have is love.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Online Crisis Chat:
Crisis Text Line:


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